The CISE and CDP groups bring value to their members, affiliated organizations and the community as a whole

Professional development

CISE and CDP have similar professional development value propositions - it's a time when you can review and share your views on the latest IT trends, technologies, and other compelling IT themes. There are enthusiastic and lively discussions during the monthly meetings where the group challenges each other's perspectives on a broad range of subjects. All as part of the traits needed in an IT executive! Following each meeting, members continue discussions and networking over dinner. Members cite this being their favorite part of the event - getting to know members of their network. This network becomes highly valuable as it becomes the support structure to continue discussions through email and other exchanges where members are asked for advice and referrals to the daily technology challenges. In summary, you will join an instant network of like-minded peers creating a robust value chain of IT executives that you can depend on.

Community efforts

The CISE organization has a long history of giving back to the community and supporting our profession. In 2004, we worked with a group of Bay Area CIO’s and wrote a book on Best Practices for managing your IT organization and created our first charity with the proceeds from this book. Since then we have raised over $750k for our charities and have established endowments with many of the Bay Area colleges to assist underprivileged students to pursue technology degrees.

In 2006, we created the CIO Development Program to develop and mentor the next generation of technology leaders. Members are direct reports to CIO’s or IT leaders for smaller organizations. The CISE group serves as mentors to the CDP members and assists them in developing the skills required to move into a CIO role. Several members of the CDP group have advanced to CIO roles since the organization was developed.

CISE began working with Merritt Community college in 2013 to develop a fully accredited associate of science degree in Information Security. Merritt College serves the Oakland school district that includes students from less advantaged backgrounds. We have worked with over 50 information security thought leaders to design and deliver the course based upon industry best practices. We graduated our first class in June of 2016 and are now working with Bay Area companies to find full time positions for our students. More information on the Merritt Program can be found on our sister website: CISE Education Fund