Vision and Mission

CISE is a group of Bay Area CIOs that meet monthly to collaborate on a variety high value relevant topics and initiatives. Each meeting has a formal topic where expertise both inside and outside the group is leveraged to provide insightful information about the topic at hand. Meetings are facilitated by a UC Berkeley MBA professor specializing in leadership/technology and are hosted at locations sponsored by CISE members - among the top companies in the Bay Area. Each meeting is followed by dinner event that creates and fosters closer relationships among the members while simultaneously providing an open forum for discussions.

CISE membership represents access to an experienced group of peers that provide support, information, and personal and professional growth. The CISE group provides mentoring to the CIO Development Program (CDP) group to assist in career development.

CDP's mission is to amplify the careers for members, creating an environment for them to attain the skills, knowledge, and professional networks that are essential to successful IT careers.

Each CDP member can leverage the knowledge and professional networks of the other CISE and CDP members in a variety of ways. A primary goal is to attain a maximum membership level of aspiring and active CIOs who come from all disciplines of IT, providing members with a variety of perspectives and experiences from which to learn.

The CISE and CDP groups assume each CDP member is aspiring to be a CIO, and currently either the top IT executive at a small company or a direct report to a CIO at a large company. Both groups work together to broaden the learning process for CDP members, enabling them to accomplish their own career goals.